27 January, 2011

Whimsy on your table

Next time I have friends over I would love these whimsical 'Kimono' tea light shades (from Polli) or delicate porcelain votives (from sunnyLIFE) on my table.

Inside or out they would add a little bit of magic and atmosphere to the whole affair. Perfection!

25 January, 2011

My Australia Day

I love Australia day.
It's pretty cool having a day on the calendar just to celebrate being Aussie - wherever we happen to be in the world.
This is what my day is going to loook like (26 January)...

A beach breaky BBQ with friends...

...cricket on the TV...

...and a mandatory afternoon snooze. 

 Happy Australia Day!

Image Sources: All images by Amy. Photo 1. Taken at Hervey Bay Queensland. The white wooden boardwalk to the beach was so picturesque.  Photo 2. Taken at the Brisbane Ashes test match.  Nothing as Aussie as a day at the cricket... Photo 3. Delicious and yum! This delight was made by friends of ours...it was amazing.  Photo 4. Taken at Australia Zoo. This guy just looks so zoned out - I'm a little jealous right now...

21 January, 2011

Here's to a lazy weekend

To those who have had a frenetic week - here's to a lazy weekend. And if you can find a spot of sun - soak up every bit you can! That goes for those who are in Winter and those in Summer - we could all do with a good dose of Vitamin D (being very sunsmart of course if you are in the warmer months of the year...).

Image source: Amy's iphone using Hipstamatic.  This was taken at Australia Zoo - I was quite envious of this Roo's lifestyle.

20 January, 2011

I *heart* pretty pretty jewellery

I am loving the gorgeous soft vintage feel of the pretty trinkets by Japonicas. I actually requested the Love as deep as the ocean necklace for Christmas and guess what I'm now wearing around my neck?

Image source: bluecaravant.net

18 January, 2011

What you need on your desk

Love this keyboard note idea from Little Dot. How often when you are sitting at the computer do you think of something that has to be done and then forget to write it down?

The long strip of notepaper is perfect for jottings and the watermark details are quite gorgeous. I can just see my productivity go sky high with something like this on my desk!

Image source: Little Dot. I found these guys via Frankie Magazine

Queensland floods

Well for Queenslanders last week was a little crazy, with more than 75% of us affected by floods. We were very lucky and weren't inundated like some people, but we are thinking of those who are going to have to rebuild their lives with everything swept away or covered in stinking mud.

It's been so wonderful to see how people are pitching in to help, whether it's donating money, volounteering time to help clean up, or running appeals to raise funds (like the BrisStyle handmade ark appeal, the Wild Things of Noosa hand made auction and the Australian Disaster Relief Shop on Etsy).

Our thoughts are with you Queensland on this long road to recovery.

Cute Old World gift tags from AusDisasterRelief

Love the style of this shoulder sling bag from acreaturestrange
(part of the BrisStyle Handmade Ark Appeal)

04 January, 2011

Any creative new year resolutions?

As a new year resolution (made today in fact) I've decided that I'm going to learn how to screen print. 

And then I'll spend the rest of the year working on my technique (on textiles and paper) and hopefully making very cool things like these birdy cushions by Justine Ellis as found on Print & Pattern.

I'll post my progress here..and with you as witnesses I'm sure to stick to it...right? What are you doing creatively this year?

Image source: Print & Pattern

01 January, 2011

Irresistible 2011 calendars to ring in the new year

I love the vertical look of this letterpress calendar from mooninjune.

This sleek and very stylish mid-century modern letterpress calendar is designed by pistachiopress.

This magnetic beach house calendar by seahorse is so cute and perfect for the summer holidays! Or if you are in winter it could remind you of warmer times...?

If you like the unique drawn by hand look, this calendar from Mai Autumn is a bit gorgeous. 

And this handmade Mino-Washi calendar from Hiromi paper is simply adorable and would sit quite nicely on my wall.

Happy New Year!
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