27 September, 2010

An interactive world on your wall...

Featured on one of my favourite flipboard sites 'babyology' is the "interactive world globe" by Jennifer Talbot.  As an Occupational Therapist (and an Aunty of one with a few more on the way...) looking at this from a child developmental point of view, I love the visual and tactile stimulation that it provides!!

Guess I had better put in my Christmas order for my already very smart little nephew...!

10 September, 2010

Let's go ride a bike!

Inspired by this photograph, taken by Narinuk (one of my favourite photographers from flickr), I have been on a bike obsession for the last few months!  My husband and I bought some bikes a little while ago, and have been loving exploring the city in which we live by bike!  There is nothing like feeling the wind in your face as your soar down (and sometimes struggle up) hills, hearing the birdies chirp and spending quality time with each other outdoors!

I particularly like this 8 x 10 print "Lets go ride bikes" by 1canoe2 on Etsy!  An irresistible print to inspire us!

P.S. You can check out more photos here by narinuk!

(Top image used with permission via narinuk, bottom image from 1canoe2)

03 September, 2010

Magnolia Love

Have you seen the latest illustration from Ros over at Pink Blossom Tree?  I am in love with her latest -  magnolia tree *hearts*

01 September, 2010

kikki.K's Cute Collection

Cute Calendar
Cute Canvas Pencil Case
Cute Wooden Stamp Set
Cute Mechanical Pencil

Loving the new 'cute' collection from my favourite stationary designer kikki.K!

(Images from kikki.K)
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