22 February, 2011

Sunday morning at the beach

It was so hot over the weekend, there was nowhere else to be but on the beach. And so we all (two little nephews, a brother, sister and brother-in-law, and a husband) paid a visit to the sand and surf. I couldn't have asked for a better Sunday morning!

18 February, 2011

I want to go to Iceland so bad right now!

Who's with me?! Hope you all have a good weekend dreaming of travel...

Thanks Loobylu for sharing this video!

17 February, 2011

Front facing books - who would've thought?

I'm probably behind the times, but this is a great idea from homelife - books facing forward on a shelf!  Kids books especially have some very cool artwork that often gets lost. What a lovely way to brighten a wall!

I think this is something that could definitely work in any room - I have so many books I want to show off. Mental note already taken for future house interior type decorating activities.

Image source: homelife

15 February, 2011

I *heart* ...gorgeous family photos

I just love love love love this photo of my nephew and brother-in-law.

My sister and her family are about to head off to live in New Brunswick, Canada - hence the accumulation of all things Aussie - including the pictured Akubra. She's also started a blog called Snowballs and Lamingtons which I'm looking forward to reading.  Not looking forward to them leaving though. *sigh*

14 February, 2011

Paper love on Valentines Day

Can I just say that I am newly enchanted with a website called upon a fold. I had no idea you could make such a variety of cute and just plain cool things out of paper!  Here are a couple of my favourites.
This garland of hearts would be perfect
hanging on my wall today - Happy Valentines Day!
I almost wish I was made of paper so I
could play this paper grand piano
I love the idea of these paper wish boats  - you write your wish
on one before sailing it off into the wide blue ocean.
What would you wish for?
The changing seasonal landscape depicted in this
harmony concertina is just beautiful.
Image source: All images are from uponafold.com.au

11 February, 2011

I *heart* monkeying around

My sister makes sock monkeys and I have this one sitting next to my bed. I love his retro stripey vibe and cute little face...

Have a good weekend everyone - make sure you get up to lots of mischief!

10 February, 2011

Latest design trends from London

Does anyone else think that this wooden lighting fixture using local English materials by Faye Toogood and wicked ceramic fruit bowl (made to look like cardboard packaging) by Sara Ivanyi, DesignMarketo shop, are super cool? Both are from London Design Festival Trends and are in the latest Inside Out magazine.

Image source: Homelife

09 February, 2011

Bloomers are back

I couldn't resist these gorgeous Country Girl bloomers made by Wild Things of Noosa. How cute would these look on any little girl you know?  I have a brand new niece (5 weeks old) and although she is way too small now, in about 18 months I can just see her waddling around all ruffled up in bloomers like these. *Insert doting Aunty look here*

Image source: Wild Things of Noosa

04 February, 2011

Tra la la - Kondalilla Falls

Last weekend we went for a bushwalk and discovered the Kondalilla Falls in the Sunshine Coast's hinterland. It is such a lovely place.

Next time we go back, I'm definitely taking a picnic lunch...

It would be so romantic if our lunch could be
in this Cath Kidston Cherry Picnic hamper.

...and wearing togs (i.e. bathers/swimmers/cossies!) to take advantage of the sweet rockpool at the top of the falls.
This Seafolly two piece is so cute.
Definitely wearable for a weekend picnic
on top of a waterfall!

What are you planning this weekend?

Oh Chai!

A couple of days ago I visited the Chopping Block cafe in Buderim (Sunshine Coast, Queensland) and was served up this fabulous Chai latte. I'm sure you understand why I couldn't resist taking a photo. My hot drink experience was delicious, made on real Chai tea (not syrup) and I'm already planning my next trip back. Nice one Buderim!

Image source: Amy's iPhone 4

01 February, 2011

I *heart* wellington boots

There's a great big cyclone (called Yasi) headed for the North Queensland Coast - and he looks a little scary!

After talking to my Aunt in Townsville (which is right in the path of the storm) this morning, I was thinking that a lot of people would probably do well to invest in a pair of wellington boots.

Actually we are all a little on the rainy side this summer in Queensland so I could do with a pair myself! Check out this gorgeous selection - I'm a little in love.

Although not wearable, these arty eco wellies by Jennifer Collier
are made from recycled tea bags and are gorgeous!
Who DOESN'T want hot pink wellies
by EmilyHannah
I challenge anyone to disagree that these are the
cutest short wellies ever seen. (Wellies online)

And how I feel about these wellies (also from
wellies online)
is written all over them!
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