29 October, 2010

New blog alert!

You have to check out this blog - Paris vs New York, a tally of two cities. It is just gorgeous and very smart in its visual comparisons between the two cities. I love this so much...

15 October, 2010

Stairway to heaven

Seriously - how would you go about walking up these stairs!  And what if you had had a glass of bubbly or two?  They do look quite cool though, don't they...

Image source: renest.com

12 October, 2010

I wish... I had butterflies on my wall

My wall would be perfect with these butterflies flitting around on it. It's going to have to be my next house though as I'm not sure this vision of loveliness would work in the current one. Because as nice as our home is, I think wallpaper such as this would need to be in a house overflowing with character and uniqueness.  

Watch out Trove wallpaper, I'll be knocking on your door before you know it.

07 October, 2010

I *heart* summery toes

I've always been very conservative with my nail polish colours - baby pink or a deeper pink are my two staples.

Drumroll please......Today I am wearing sparkly Turquoise!

My inspiration for throwing nail polish conservatism out the window was due to these very very pretty new summer colours from OPI nailcare. My toes simply won't know themselves as I spend summer painting them in these jewel-like hues!

I also think that OPI's promo signage is very fresh with the butterflies and flowers and I love the names for the different polishes. Don't you?

Flit a Bit
This bright orange goes here, there, and everywhere.

Wing it!
Let your heart soar with this shimmery fuchsia.

Catch Me in Your Net
And s’teal
me away!

Next stop…
hot pink!

Images from OPI.net.au

05 October, 2010

I've been on holidays...

...and today I wish I could be still making snow angels like I did in the New Zealand Alps.

Have you ever made snow angels? They are ridiculous fun, although I wasn't wearing waterproof trousers and ended up with a snow drenched backside! The ride back down the mountain wasn't so comfortable after that...

Photo: Amy - taken in NZ at a little ski field called Mt Lyford
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