24 August, 2010

May your week be as beautiful as this sunset

I took this photo this evening at Gemstone Bay in the Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand. The sunset was gorgeous and I feel lucky to have seen it.

23 August, 2010

Meet Ponijao, Mari, Bayar and Hattie

Have you seen the "Babies" Documentary?  It is amazing - I wont say too much about it, as not to spoilt it for you if you haven't seen it.  One of my sisters-in-law saw it at the movies a few months ago and told me about it, and ever since then I've been waiting for it to come out on DVD.
I watched it today and really enjoyed the story!  All I shall say is definitely check it out, and let me know what you thought when you have seen it.  After you watch it, you can meet the parents here and hear their reactions to the film and on the other babies from three the different cultures. 

Oh, and my favourite baby hands-down was from Bayarjargal from Mongolia!  He was so happy, content, playful and mischievous, wasn't he?  Who was yours?

(Images via focusfeatures.com/babies)

18 August, 2010

For the 'Vintage Traveller' at heart

Loving these 2011 Calendars from Anthropologie...

...For those who love Paris

...For those who love a trip around the world (especially love the two months dedicated to Australia of course!) 

Perfect for the calendar in the kitchen, don't you think?

Bon Voyage!

16 August, 2010

May you share you week with many because...

Hope you all have a sharing caring week.

Image via Aileen Holmes who is a pretty fabulous illustrator based in California. Loving her vintage style.

13 August, 2010

Perfect morning tea 'pick me up'

As put perfectly by Anthropologie:

"Need an a.m. pick me up? This cheery porcelain vessel, hand-decaled and steeped in the imagination of Australian artist Samantha Robinson, will surely bring a smile to your face."


chip chop's "so you think you're from france"

LOVING chip chop's latest line, "so you think you're from france" - especially their "have merci" t-shirt.

Don't you think their Polkadot Blazer is also super cute?  Perfect for the seasonal transition no matter where you are in the world, Oui?

12 August, 2010

Chilllaxin' 1970's style...

I'm always on the look out for good music of any variety.  Today, I was buying semolina on amazon to make some homemade pizza, when I saw one of the suggestions for Mark Cohn's new album "Listening Booth 1970".  After listening to the samples, I was hooked. 

Perfect for a chillaxin' evening with a glass of red and home made pizza.

(Top Image from Amazon, above images taken with my Canon T1i) 

10 August, 2010

Seed love

Last Sunday I spent hours cleaning up the side of the house where I have been planning a vege patch for...oh about three years now. My goal is to get something happening by the time summer arrives. This is the year!

So when I found these cute seed packets on the lovely blog - this neck of the woods - you'll forgive me for being just a little excited.

My motivation levels for gardening have just gone sky high - particularly if I can get my seeds in these packets!

this neck of the woods is running their first ever giveaway so make sure you pop on over and enter.

May your week be as sweet as a bowl of ripe cherries

I know I'm a day behind, but if your week isn't looking so great, imagine popping a great big ripe cherry in your mouth and enjoying the fabulous burst of flavour! Cherries remind me of Christmas and all the lovely fun that time of the year brings.

Image via jamtales.com.au - they have beautiful stationary x

06 August, 2010

Spring is just around the corner...

Less than a month to go for Spring in Australia to start!  Growing up, when the 1st of September came around, I know I would get so excited knowing our summer holidays were coming up which meant trips to the beach, and a hot Christmas!  And how about those Myer adds for their Spring/Summer collections?  That's when you know that the warmer weather is just around the corner!

I received my weekly "Myer One" email, and checked out their website and saw their new TV commercial for the Spring/Summer 2010/11!  ...(Apart from a terrible wave of homesickness) I felt really excited for my family and friends knowing the beautiful weather and holiday fun in store for them!  I am also LOVING all the Wayne by Wayne Cooper pieces!  Enjoy!

05 August, 2010

It's {most definitely} a dutch thing...

Funny, growing up, I use to think everyone had a birthday calendar in a part of their house, until one day my husband asked if it was "just a dutch thing" - and after discussions with my Mutti, Omey and a few friends, I realised it most definitely was!  I think it's a lovely idea having a calendar to remember everyone's birthdays, one that you can use year after year.  It is always so lovely sending and receiving birthday cards, isn't it?

So, through a twitter post, I discovered thebeautifulproject's Etsy store and just happened to find this awesome 'Dutch Themed' Birthday Calendar.  You can check out more photos on her flickr site, where she explains how she came across the calendar tradition!

So, tell me, is it just a Dutch thing?

(Pictures via thebeautifulproject on Etsy)

I wish that today I could...

Stroll with this lace parasol...

indulge in a High Tea here...

relax in this Californian living room...

and read this beautifully illustrated book (one of my favourites growing up).

What would you like to do today?

Images (from top) via lace-parasols.com victoriarooms.com re-nest.com foliosociety.com

Sweet Swivel Seat

Have you seen the new IKEA catalogue for 2011?  It's full of great ideas and inspiration for the home.  The other day we were at Ikea, and I found the perfect chair for my office.  It was really comfortable, suitably ergonomic, and of course, how can I go past the cute birdy design?  I looked online a few days ago, and sadly, couldn't find it.  So I was thrilled to see it in the new catalogue and online today!  Right then, off to Ikea...

02 August, 2010

Make sure someone gives you a bear hug this week

Hope you all have a week that includes at least one bear hug. Make sure you get one!

Photo by Amy. This little bear was sitting on a dusty bench at a cafe I went to on the weekend to celebrate my sister's 30th birthday. He was so cute I couldn't resist.

The amazing art of Ron Mueck

On the weekend we went to the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art to see the Ron Mueck exhibition. The line up was long, the crowds were huge, but it was entirely worth the effort! Mueck's sculptures are amazingly lifelike and designed on a scale (large and small) that give you no choice but to look twice. It is incredible the way he is able to capture the intricacies of our human bodies (the hair is amazing) as well as our emotions.

I love the way this photo (below) captures the image of the young boy standing so still with everyone moving around him.
I felt that this 'giant' man could stand up at any moment and walk away. He looked so uncomfortable being where he was. If you ever get the chance, make the effort to see a Ron Mueck exhibtion.
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