25 June, 2010

Proud as a peacock

I took this photo outside Maggie Beers' farm shop in the Barossa Valley (South Australia) last week. How beautful is this peacock? I was trying to cajole him in to fanning out his tail (just a little), but he just shook his feathers and stared down at me from his perch on the wall.

Would you like milk and sugar with your tea?

I have been on the look-out for several months now for that perfect set of a milk jug and sugar bowl, and was looking at the 'new arrivals' section of Anthropologie and found these two beauties.  I love the size, shape, floral pattern and design on these!  I also love the fact that they are hand-made in South Africa (shout-out to my dear friend Julie).  These are definitely going on my wish list and a hint-hint email to my husband for my birthday (even though it's still a few months away, I'm all for future planning)!

There is also a matching cake plate that would go perfectly for a lovely afternoon tea to serve a freshly baked cake on!

24 June, 2010

Another pretty illustration

Ros at Pink Blossom Tree just keeps coming up with the prettiest illustrations. I love her latest.

23 June, 2010

Learning to count

It's a rainy day today and although I'm desperately wanting to be doing something productive on my holiday, I'll admit that I've been lazing around a little. Then I saw this little crafty project from whipup.net. I've got 3 young nephews and immediately thought that this beanbag number set would be great to make for them (the tutorial is here). You could even do this for the alphabet if you were feeling VERY crafty. Now...to get off the couch!

Summer Tablecloth

I love the bold colours and contrasting ruffle that outlines this Summer tablecloth from Anthropologie!  This would look so lovely on my parent's outdoor table overlooking their tropical rainforest. 

Lovely with the napkins to compliment!

Watch out for a parcel in the mail Mutti! xo

22 June, 2010

That old 'gezellig' feeling...

We have just spent a long weekend in Adelaide and visted the Barossa Valley which is one of Australia's great wine making regions. It was so gezellig!

This is the view across a part of the Barossa from a small little vinyard called Bethany Wines - one of the oldest established winemakers in the valley. If you get a chance to visit, I highly recommend their white port. It is delicious!

Also - now that we've had a few posts with the word 'gezellig' in them, I thought I might try and explain what this fabulous Dutch word means. There isn't just one english word that is equivilent - but the closest might be 'cosy'. But it also means friendly and comfortable and homely along with any other word that can be associated with warm and fuzzy feelings. So now when you see us say something is gezellig, hopefully you understand 'almost' exactly what we mean...

Hey there, you with the stars in your eyes....

Tonight, I'd love to be back in Australia...
Gazing at these (but will make do here using this):

Wearing this:

Listening to this
...and eating one of these:

*Ahhhhh* It would be so Gezellig!

Happy first day of Summer everyone! :)

A high tea...

All this talk about cups of tea, has got me in the mood for these!  They look absolutely perfect *Mmmmm*

(Via projectsforarainyday)

21 June, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

It's Father's day here in America today!  I found this on one of my favourite blogs this morning, "Daddy-O" by Anna Raff.  Such a cute portrayal of a father-son moment!  Hope you are all having a great weekend!

20 June, 2010

Boogie'in Uptown

Sometimes there is nothing better than jamming out, baking something yummy, wearing a cute apron whilst having a cuppa tea.  I'm loving "Boogie" by Uptown Funk Empire - w00t!

(Music inspiration Via Sportsgirl blog)

19 June, 2010

Rainy day project...

I love this idea - sewing button flowers whilst having a cuppa tea and cupcakes!  Irresistible!

(Via Sportsgirl from Projectsforarainyday)

18 June, 2010


Oliebollen... Mmmm!  It's been waaaay too long between Oliebollens.  Might have to go find a deep fryer, yeast, oil....... Or I could just fly to Holland for Christmas and get one from this stand! :)

And while I'm there, I would satisfy my croquette craving also!  It is hot here in the USA, which is making it feel like it's Christmas time for me.  My Mutti would make delicious oliebollen and croquette's around this time of year, and it's been a while since I've had Christmas back home in Australia, thus the cravings!  Ah, Dutch food, home, hot Christmas!  So Heerlijk!  So Gezellig!

(Via Accidental Hedonist in Flickr)

17 June, 2010

So Creative!

Loved this picture/post!  Love this blog!

14 June, 2010

Tea and Tape

The Fabric Bar has got some of the cutest sewing bits and pieces I have seen.  Pictured above is their "Tea Glorious Tea" cotton tape.  Below is their "Tefu Tefu" linen sewing tape.
...you know me!  Teapots on it and I'm at the party! :)

13 June, 2010

May I have this dance?

Anthropologie call this gorgeous dress the "first dance dress" - how sweet is that?

11 June, 2010

I *heart* kikki.K

I love this blackboard-themed-notepad by Kikki.K.  She is this amazing Swedish-Born designer who opened her first store in Melbourne.  My sister took me into one of the kikk.K boutiques when I was last visiting home (Australia) and it was love at first sight.  The hardest thing for me was trying to refrain from buying too much and having my port over the limit!  This notepad, however, was truly irresistible stationary and looks great on my desk!

10 June, 2010

Retro stovetop coffee

I'm listening to some retro music (think Burt Bacharach!) and chanced upon this retro stovetop coffee machine on homelife. This is a seriously cool piece of hardware.

I *heart* Holland

My mother was born in Holland and moved to Australia with her family in the late 1950's, so I have grown up with a very strong Dutch influence in my life.  When I saw these gorgeous folklore and fun plates from Ninainvorm when I was browing on Etsy, I got so excited!  They remind me of my childhood, visiting my Oma's house, and eating soft boiled eggs out of little egg cups with soldiers!  These would be the perfect little breakfast plates don't you think?  Quite Gezellig!

09 June, 2010

Summer Loving Dress

Summer love = Lemon-coloured Ruched Panel Bandeau Dress at ASOS.

Life's a hoot...

...with this Owl Baby Mobile with Tree from Esty seller PinkPerch.  She is one of my favourite sellers on Etsy - so creative!

I also love...
...the Pink and Green Leaf Mobile PinkPerch made!  Irresistible!

Felt Fever for iPad

Don't you think this felt iPad padded cover from DashingEtc on Etsy is a cute and creative way to keep your iPad safe at home and out n about?

05 June, 2010

Happy Birthday Amy!! : )

(Via fraley_tera on flickr)

04 June, 2010

Anna Raff's Ornithoblogical: day 156: pod

Loving this blog by Anna Raff - especially today's post - Ornithoblogical: day 156: pod

She is also on Etsy here.

Feeling a little peck-ish?

This Wise Ol' Cookie Jar filled with delectable delights is sure to hit the spot!

03 June, 2010

Oh Anthropologie!

Growing up, my Mutti always had lovely table cloths on her wooden round table.  I'd love this one for ours.

Cute biscuit canister to store yummy home made biccies.

Pretty pot holders set.

"Tea and Crumpets" Apron

Can you believe this is an apron?  I am in love!  ...Time for a new apron I think ; )
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