28 May, 2010

Married 5 years today

I just wanted to share with you a couple of photos from our wedding day five years ago. We had wonderful photographers (Simon and Theresa Hall, Salt Studios) and the best day. Hope you enjoy my little wander down memory lane.

Letterpress obsession

I'm starting to become a little obsessed with letterpress which is basically using moveable type to create the print - very old school. Well, it's my 5 year wedding anniversary today which led me for nostolgia's sake to check out these letterpress wedding invitations by Poppy Letterpress. They are a bit gorgeous and I'm thinking that if we renew our vows one day, this may just be the style of choice for invitations.

Mr Rosenblum's list

When I bought this book, I admit I was mostly enticed by its very pretty artwork. So, even though I know a book can't be judged by its cover, I'm pleased to say that this one's aesthetics most definitely match its content.

You can read what the book is about on author Natasha Solomon's website but basically Mr Rosenblum along with his wife and daughter have escaped Nazi Germany and are refugees in London. Mr Rosenblum is obsessed with being a 'proper' Englishman and so a list of what constitutes 'Englishness' is started and the adventures begin.

I found myself really enjoying the characters of this story and the way Natasha layered the absolute silliness and whimsy of some moments with deeper issues like depression and racism. I laughed out loud, nearly cried and nodded my head in agreement at a characterisation many different times while reading. If a book can make me react out loud like this, then in my mind, it's done its job! Make sure you add this one to your Winter reading list.

26 May, 2010

Blooming pretty

Sometimes I pick flowers from my garden and they end up being too short to go into a vase. I'm thinking that these little Maria Lintott bud bowls from her Bloom collection would be simply perfect.

Love Birds Cake Topper

How cute are these two little love birds made by RedLightStudio from Etsy for a wedding cake topper?

24 May, 2010

I *heart* Amigurumi Miss Turtle

One of my favourite crafty creators is Pepika, who creates "dolls and animals for those who never grow up".  I think she is really creative and talented, and I bought a few patterns of her cute little creations to make as presents!  I just got an email today from Pepika who shared her latest creation - Amigurumi Miss Turtle!  Irresistible!

23 May, 2010

Cute birds galore

I've just been looking around for some creative inspiration and came across a delightful blog by New York designer and illustrator Anna Raff called Ornithoblogical. Daily she posts a bird related image and I love them all - especially love this hen...

22 May, 2010


It's my birthday in a couple of weeks and hubby has very thoughtfully booked a table at local French restuarant Chez Claude - which I'm very much looking forward to! While cruising Etsy (as you do) I came across these adorable french frog thank you cards from twopoochpaperie. I'd love to use these as birthday invitations. They are so cute!

Crazy and chocolate

Well it's been a very crazy last couple of weeks. My computer threw a wobbly, blew its motherboard and had to be rebuilt from scratch, and I have been finishing off a rather large and complex report! So this is the first time I've been able to sit down and write for a reason other than work. There will be much more of this in the next little while - sort of a cathartic exercise I think.

In the meantime, yesterday while shopping, I discovered myself a new treat - Oxfam fairtrade dark chocolate. The cocoa beans are sourced from Ghana, Ivory Coast and Paraguay and it was so smooth and irresistible! And by purchasing this chocolate, I'm also supporting fair trade in a big way. Mmmm delicious and virtuous all at once...I can't go wrong!

18 May, 2010

Chocolate Earl Grey Tartlets

The Jewels of New York display the most beautiful photos of their absolutely delicious food.  Today, I came across their Chocolate Earl Frey Tartlets that look irresistible, and now am feeling curious as to what they would taste like!  I love the idea of using tea in baking, don't you?

Tea is better with two!

Is there is nothing better than a lovely cup of tea shared with a darling friend, using lovely handmade pottery mugs and drooling over the latest "delicious" magazine together?

17 May, 2010

Do you remember tunnel ball?

I recently purchased a medicine ball the other day, and was reminded how in primary school, we use to play tunnel ball with (and correct me if I'm wrong) a medicine ball!  I remember we would spend our school sporting afternoons playing tunnel ball, leader ball and captain ball.  We would have big competitions and spend hours practicing!  Do you remember?

11 May, 2010

IrrOWLsistible Photo

My husband recently retweeted this photo by romain guy - I think this is an absolutely incredible photo! 

Major Pettigrew's Last Stand

I've just finished reading this New York Times best seller and loved it. It's written with such spark and intelligence. I found myself laughing quite a few times at the dry wit of Major Pettigrew and shaking my head over vagaries of a small English village. Helen Simonson captures the romance and local dramas so beautifully.

My overall feeling is that this is a book to be read in a sunny nook, with a steaming cup of tea and some sort of accompanying yum - aka biscuit or chocolate or cake or anything else that takes your fancy.

This is Helen's overview of the book from her website.
When Major Pettigrew, a retired British army major in a small English village, embarks on an unexpected friendship with the widowed Mrs. Ali, who runs the local shop, trouble erupts to disturb the bucolic serenity of the village and of the Major’s carefully regimented life.

As the Major and Mrs. Ali discover just how much they have in common, including an educated background and a shared love of books, they must struggle to understand what it means to belong and how far the obligations of family and tradition can be set aside for personal freedom. Meanwhile, the village itself, lost in its petty prejudices and traditions, may not see its own destruction coming.

09 May, 2010

Happy Mothers day

I hope all mums had a wonderful day and felt cherished and loved - because you are. x

06 May, 2010

A little bit posh

How cute is pocket puzzle book? I found this for my mum for mothers day - a stylish addition to anyone's handbag I think. I just loved the patterns and diferent covers you could get - made my iPhone look a little plain even though it does have puzzles too. I found this posh little puzzle book in the Buderim Book Store, but maybe a little Book Nook near you stocks them? You can buy them online too. Check it out.

05 May, 2010

A little Mother's Day idea

When I was growing up, it was our tradition on Mother's day to create some sort of wondrous (?!) breakfast in the kitchen (usually bacon and eggs and fresh squeezed orange juice - often leaving a huge mess) and bring it to her in bed.

As I was thinking along these lines, it popped into my head that a delightful thing to do this Mother's day could be to take your mum down to the local farmer's markets, buy the freshest seasonal ingredients, and the make her a scrummy brunch. Maybe pear/banana pancakes (pears and bananas are in season in Australia) or scrambled eggs with fresh tomatoes, mushrooms and spinach...What a lovely way to spend a morning.

Or maybe you could buy the ingredients to put together something sweet for afternoon tea. These apple and almond cakes from MindFood look particularly irresistible.

Image source (source: William Meppem) via MindFood

04 May, 2010

Chocolade Kettle

My Omey (Oma is Dutch for Grandmother) recently gave me this exquisite "chocolade ketel", that she received from her favourite Aunty 'Tante Jet' when she was a little girl.  They use to make the most delicious hot chocolate in it (and we all know how much we love chocolate on this blog!)  We worked out that this is over 150 years old!  I am in love with this beautiful piece of history, and am looking forward to making my dear Omey a nice hot chocolate and pouring her a cup and sharing these memories with her!

Handwritten notes in the mail

I'm a bit of a sucker for beautiful stationary. I have been known to disappear in large newsagencies or paper shops for hours at a time! Lately I've started hoarding cards for all occasions in the third drawer of my desk to use whenever needed starting with a pile from Pink Blossom Tree.

As Mother's day is approaching in Australia this weekend (9th May) I'm on the look out for something for Mum and I know she loves stationary as much as I do.

Today I've found the most beautiful set of Cavallini & Co. vintage postcards on Paper Avenue. Aren't they pretty? And they're presented in a tin - just too good to be true! There's something a little special about receiving a handwritten note in the mail. I'm resolving to send more to friends and family this year.

02 May, 2010

Tins for every occasion

I've rediscovered tins for storage. Tupperware containers are out...tins are in! This is my mother in law's and I love it. I'm really starting to form the opinion that tins have a little more character and I'm on the look out for something new.

Since I like to indulge in a little chocolate every now and then (or maybe every day) I think my first tin purchase will be an elegant storage solution for my little chocolate blocks of joy. I found this tin on insideoutliving.co.uk. So irresistible.

Perfect Puppy

Dogs are truly amazing companions.  They look at you with these wise and loving eyes, following your every move.  I just love this picture of my dog Toby - who was just sitting there, calmly, taking everything in.  He is the perfect puppy - and truly irresistible!

01 May, 2010

{Amy} Best coffee...ever

You are looking at the best coffees...ever. I mean this is how a coffee should be, it's the perfect temperature, the perfect frothiness of milk and the perfect flavour.
My husband and I love the the Pioneer Coffee Roastery in Yandina, Sunshine Coast (Australia) and make it a point to visit as often as we can - like this Saturday just gone. The barista Tim is award winning as is their roasted coffee and I can guarantee you will have the perfect cup. Check out the photo below of Tim's latte art. Amazing - right?
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