22 April, 2010

Discovering kids

Parenting, as I have found out, is a daily journey of discovery. Once again being able to experience the beautiful moments in life that often, as adults, we forget to appreciate or just don't see.

It was raining yesterday and my almost 3 year old, Alex, jumped out of the car so excited to be running out in the rain and splashing in puddles. He constantly takes off his shoes when playing to feel of sand in his toes and he loves nothing better than sitting at the park and just watching the ducks and turtles.

He loves eating watermelon and iceblocks, loves the taste of chocolate (who doesn't), is fascinated watching ants as the scurry along, runs madly after birds yelling 'shoo birds', and gets very excited about seeing the horses with his Greffy and Grammy and going for walks with his Aunty Amy to feed the ducks.

One of my discoveries as a parent is that everyday, I am shown the wonder and the beauty in the little things I would often miss.

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