27 July, 2010

Helping Amy with her Tea

Dear Amy,

As your dear friend, and co-blogger, I felt your pain today when you tweeted this:
"Made myself a cup of tea, put it on my desk and completely forgot about it. Cold tea is not so good."
Now as a fellow tea drinker, I cannot bear to see you miss out on a wonderful cup of tea, so I thought this might be helpful for you:

A Tea cup cozy on Etsy!  Isn't that a cute idea?  Expect a little parcel coming your way!


Jessie *winks*


  1. Ah I absolutely feel devastated when that happens! That tea cup cozy is so so cute Jess! I really miss my teapot - tea tastes so much better when it is made in a teapot. I have to travel all the way back home so that mumsy and I can brew our tea in her red, no-leak teapot!

  2. Exactly what I need! Cute post :)


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