30 July, 2010

Welcome to the world sweet baby

A number of my friends and family are due to have babies soon and so I'm on the lookout for cards and other cute paraphernalia. I came across this card just now on Poppies for Grace and my heart instantly melted and I'm a pile of goo on the floor. Which is why I'm posting this now as I'm running out the door late for an appointment rather than later.

29 July, 2010

Teenie-Tiny Terrarium is Wonderland in a Bottle

Growing up, I remember one of my brothers had a small bottle like this with the coloured sands of Fraser Island.  I'd like to think that little bottle had a grain of sand for every smile, adventure and starry night we spent there as a family each year.  Certainly those are magical thoughts, much like the magical landscape that this snippet of life was taken from. 

Captivating work by WoodlandBelle, which draws you into some far off Wonderland...

It's Tape-tastic!

You know, I never would have thought all these pretty tape rolls from Wonderland Room would have so VERY many uses!  Check out her Etsy shop to see all the lovely ideas she has to use this tape for!  And with SO many to choose from, I think it's going to be hard to pick just one....

Which one is your favourite?

(Via 10prettythings featured on imagreedygirl)

28 July, 2010

Feeling a little grey

It's a bit of a grey day here and I feel like a spot of colour is needed. A gorgeous photo (Ornamental Kale - apparently quite good to eat) from Ros at Pink Blossom Tree is just the thing. Brighten up everyone!

Purple Paws for a Cause

The Animal Rescue - Pet Shop have these really cute purple paw measuring spoons that are also for a good cause.  Wouldn't it be a perfect gift for a fellow pet lover or even a bridal shower for the pet-loving bride?

"An unpredictable Mimco revolution"

Have you seen Mimco's new ad campaign for their 2010 season collection, "an unpredictable revolution"?  As Mimco shares, the photos from the shoot are exquisitely "twisted imaginings of a dark debutante's diary from the 1700-1800's".

 As described perfectly by Mimco:

I.love.Mimco.  A discovery way too irresistible to resist!

(Images from Mimco)

27 July, 2010

Helping Amy with her Tea

Dear Amy,

As your dear friend, and co-blogger, I felt your pain today when you tweeted this:
"Made myself a cup of tea, put it on my desk and completely forgot about it. Cold tea is not so good."
Now as a fellow tea drinker, I cannot bear to see you miss out on a wonderful cup of tea, so I thought this might be helpful for you:

A Tea cup cozy on Etsy!  Isn't that a cute idea?  Expect a little parcel coming your way!


Jessie *winks*

I *heart* cookbooks

While I think the days of the ole "day-to-day cookery book" are not completely gone, I now find myself pouring over cookbooks with amazing recipes and equally incredible food photography.  Some of my favourite include the Jamie Oliver cookbooks - just looking at those pictures truly inspire me to bake my heart out!

My latest cookbook that I am loving is "The Newlywed Kitchen" (pictured above) by Lorna Yee and Ali Basye.  My favourite food blog (found by Amy - thanks!) Tartelette recommended this cookbook, and tried one of the recipes that turned out perfectly and looked absolutely irresistible!
In this book, they have a wonderful, eclectic collection of recipes for the couple who enjoy cooking together!  My husband and I are always looking for ways to spend quality time together, and we are thoroughly enjoying this new outlet!

What is your current favourite cookbook?  Any suggestions?

26 July, 2010

A productive week

May you all have the most productive of weeks churning through all those important 'to-dos' in your diary and all those equally important 'to-do's' that aren't.
Shot with my Hipstamatic for iPhone in the main street of beautiful Montville (Sunshine Coast, Australia.)

25 July, 2010

Feeling *blue*

Blissfully blue that is! 

You could wear this gorgeous frock from bloomingdales,
Whilst having your date night meal cooked for you in the lovely Le Creuset Oval Dutch Oven,
And be spoilt with a beautiful pendant from Irene Neuwirth!

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend! 

One sleep until Mad Men Season 4!

Tomorrow night's the night! 

(Image via amtv)

24 July, 2010

Two sleeps until Mad Men Season 4!

Don't you just love this dress that Betty Draper is wearing?  Such a classic look - the dress, the pearls, the pose!  Love it, don't you?

(Image from amctv)

Teacups in print

Well you may or may not have guessed that we are a little obsessed with tea cups, teapots and anything tea related on this blog, so when I saw this teacup linocut print on bluecaravan.net by Ruby Victoria Letterpress you will understand that I got a little excited.

In high school, I remember learning the linocut printing technique and it can certainly be a challenge. This print has a gorgeous level of detail in the teacups and I just love the colour that Narelle Badalassi (owner of Ruby Victoria Letterpress) has used.

I definitely want this one on my wall - framed in white - don't you think?

23 July, 2010

Three sleeps until Mad Men Season 4!

I don't know about you, but I'm super excited about Mad Men Season 4 premiering this Sunday, 25th of July! I can't wait to see more of the fashion, see what happens with Betty, Peggy and Joan (pictured above), and of course, the dashing Men!

Three sleeps! Anyone else a Mad Men fan?

(Image from amctv)

Cupcake love at IKEA?

Have you been to IKEA lately?  For me, it's been about a year and a half, until my husband and I went there last weekend to buy one of these so I can dry these:

IKEA have some really awesome items at the moment!  I think I was on a little bit of an "IKEA high" after our shopping experience.  With so many ideas for each and every room, I felt completely inspired for a house make-over!

Who would have thought you could buy 65 of these for 99c ?  I think this weekend is going to include using these paper baking cups to make a whole bunch of red velvet cupcakes with this cute recipe book:

Funny leaving IKEA and craving cupcakes!  Mmmmmm!  Thanks IKEA : )

22 July, 2010

Did you have a favourite toy as a child?


I was searching through flickr, and discovered this absolutely irresistible photograph taken by the amazingly talented photographer Narinuk, who was able to capture the perfect moment of a child cuddling her precious toy!

Can't you just imagine this lil guy being cuddled up?  Elijah the Elephant is VERY cute isn't he?  You can find the pattern here.  This has been added to my list of crafty things to make.

What was your favourite toy as a child? 

(Image used with permission by Narinuk on Flickr)
(Thanks to Bec @ a cup of kitch who blogged about the purl bee which took me to this pattern found and sold on Magpie Patterns, by Ysolda)

21 July, 2010

Crushing on rooftop gardens

Latey I've been seeing a few stories around on houses/apartments that are making more of their space and really focusing on being more environmentally friendly in design and function.

One such home in Toronto, Canada, has caught my eye today on re-nest.com with a fabulous rooftop garden, not to mention its gorgeous interior. Looking at the scene from this window (above), you wouldn't think that the house was smack bang in the middle of suburbia!

Love love love the long bench table attached to the kitchen. I am so inspired and already collecting ideas for my next house.

Photos from re-nest.com

19 July, 2010

Have an 'outside of the lines' week

Sometimes you need a week where you don't stick to the lines. May yours be truly wonderful and the most creative ever!

Image by Brock Davis via Behance.net. You should really check this page out because Brock undertook a project in 2009 where he had to make something cool every day. This is his series of photos of the results and they are really interesting to browse through.

18 July, 2010

The elusive cargos

So I've spent the day trawling the shops for a pair of cargos for my trip to New Zealand in August, and I could not find one pair that I love. You'd think that you could get your hands on a pair fairly easily.

But then I got to thinking that a good pair of cargos are probably as elusive as a good pair of jeans. I really don't think there is anything more demoralising than looking for that one perfect pair of jeans... *Sigh*

So I've looked around online and it seems that J Brand's Houlihan skinny cargos are the ones to get with very trendy people such as Gwen Stefani and Jessica Alba loving them. Fabsugar Australia discovered them back in May.

If I could get these in Australia I would happily say that my problem is solved. Any suggestions welcome!

photo: www.jbrandjeans.com

16 July, 2010

I *heart* bathtime luxury

I've just had an amazing massage, followed by a long soak in the bath and am feeling particularly relaxed and luxurious. Although, I've just hopped online and as I'm browsing Whiteport's website (beautiful white themed products) I'm thinking that bathtime could be immeasureably enhanced by wearing this cute bath/shower cap ...

...lying back on this bath pillow...
...and afterwards stepping into this soft waffle bathrobe.

Are you feeling relaxed yet?

All images are from whiteport.com.au

15 July, 2010

Loving l'uccello

In Melbourne, Australia, located a few blocks from the Yarra River is this incredible vintage haberdashery and homewares store called l'ucello.  They have an amazing blog showcasing all their irresistible finds and creations one could pour over for hours. 

I am completely drawn to this 'Vintage Sewing Collection' shown in their 'Kokeshi Crush' post.

Even their vintage ribbon is beautifully presented in this lovely collection of 'mint, unused' measuring tapes, threads, French fabrics and buttons.  

Be sure to discover all the irresistible offerings l'uccello have to offer.  I'm sure you'll find it {as did I} a wonderful source for inspiration and "vintage-ie"-goodness!

14 July, 2010

Every tropical drink...

...needs a tropical-themed glass!  Made by Scarlet Macaw, these gorgeous "tropical birds hang from hand-painted branches, keeping cool in the shade of their colourful jungle". 

I actually saw them in person last weekend and these pictures just do not do them justice.  They are an exquisite piece of glassware, and one discovery to irresistible to pass up! 

Champagne anyone?

(Via Anthropologie)

Emma Stine, wont you be mine?

Don't you love the brilliant Turquoise colours in these gorgeous earrings by Emma Stine?  Their unique shape, combined with the antique feel of these lovelies, definitely gives that extra special touch.

13 July, 2010

A hotel in a tree?

Yes - opening 17th of July in Harads, Sweden!  The company Treehotel ask, "How are you going to spend your break? Will it be with both feet on the ground or will you be living it up with the birds?"

You can choose from six different styles, from "The Mirrorcube" (as shown above) to the "The Bird's Nest".  Check out their facebook page here for more photos and information!

I'd definitely, give the opportunity on my travels some day, love to experience this incredible architectural creation!  How about you?

(Treehotel via Gizmodo and facebook)

12 July, 2010

Have a stylish week

Saw these Balenciaga shoes in the latest Australian Harper's Bazaar magazine and was a little bit in love and a little bit scared. A little bit in love with the colours and and form and a little bit scared of how on earth one is meant to walk in these! In any case, may you sashay through Monday and into the rest of the week with as much style as these shoes.

10 July, 2010

A beautiful sunset...

I took this picture when I went home to Australia in May - a beautiful sunset at the Sunshine Coast. 

Wishing everyone a lovely weekend!

07 July, 2010

An iPad case made of Amy Butler material? Yes please!

Am loving this iPad case. Found it in my hunt on Etsy yesterday in ElizabethDavidDesign's shop. So pretty!

Mad for Mad Men!

06 July, 2010

You can never have too much tartan

My mum has just come back from a trip to Scotland and she introduced Ness Clothing to me via a rather cute new handbag she was toting around. After jumping online quicksmart, I've found more handbags to love. I think the tartan is just gorgeous

(image via nessbypost)

05 July, 2010

A rosy week

I'm spreading some Monday morning cheer with this wildly beautiful antique looking rose bush I found in the Barossa Valley a couple of weeks ago. It was climbing up the end of a row of gnarled old grapevines which are probably older than I am!

Hope you all have a 'rosy' week!

Happy 4th of July


Wishing everyone (in the USA) a very Happy 4th of July!  For me, the celebrations, hot weather and gathering of families felt a little like how Christmas and New Years feel in Australia!  Was great!  Now to enjoy those fireworks....
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